Departure of our CSGO.FR Team

Wed 1st Jul 2015 - 8:23pm : Gaming

With the news of our CSGO.FR Team that had gotten 9th place at GamingGen4 in France it was looking bright for the NAE Family.


The team Captain "Simax" had asked if we were able to fully fund his team for the next lan, I didn't say no but neither did I say yes, I had to see what I got paid first to give him a formative answer, however he didn't like the answer we gave him and  so he decided to leave the Organisation without a word and had stopped contacting us about news and information regarding the team and what is going on. Personally I didn't think they deserved full funding just yet but he decided to be unpatient which is fine by us. We did enjoy the time we had with our French team, they were great lads and very smart players. It's a shame it had to end so soon but it had to end eventually. This wasn't to b*tch fit at their team, I completely understand his issue just found it unprofessional for him to not mention that he will be leaving, and this was also written to let you know what had happened to our CSGO EU team



The question remains and it is if NAE Academy remains as the JV or moves up, and the answer to that is that NAE Academy will stay as it is and we'll be looking for a new team EU or UK to represent the NAE Family. 



Thank you for reading best regards, 

Shakk - NAE Academy (C) and Owner of NAE. 



Shakk Abbas

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