Epic.Fourteen LoL Team Summary

Fri 10th Apr 2015 - 6:58pm : General : Gaming

This was the first time for Napoleon eSports being represented again since 2012, and this time it was at lan and for a completely different game. 


We brought one team to the lan which was our League of Legends team which consisted of this roster 

Shahrukh "Shakk" Abbas - Top Lane - Germany

Mark "Marky" Beardsley - Substitute Top Lane - England

Ross "Papertissue" Wong - Jungle - England

Kevin "Forfunz" Huynh - Mid Lane - England 

Jamie "Liar" Duell - Bot Lane Marksman - England

Thomas "Burnished" Mayer - Bot Lane Support - England  


Group A 

Napoleon eSports didn't compete in this bracket however, in this group if you were to lose you would be out of the tournament. 

One of the teams in this bracket were the 4Nations winners "Choke Gaming(S1)". The rest of the teams were as following "Molotovs and Marshmallows(S2)", "Friendship is Magic(S5)", "Copenhagen Doges", and "Promethium Gaming former org of NAE.UK


Group B 

When we were introduced into the bracket we already had a hard bracked ahead of us, this bracket didn't mean anything either because if we lost or won we would've still gone through, 

the bracket consisted of EpicThirteen winners "Team infused(S2)", and EpicThirteen Runner up "London Conspiracy(S4)", and a relatively new team called "Elo Boosted(S8)" and then us at Seed 6th. We were in favour of Elo Boosted

(S#) for what seed was selected at EpicLan - 


Our first game was against LC which we ended up losing, we had "Marky" sub in for this match and got defeated in around 30+ minutes. Second game we were against Team infused with "Shakk" in the game

and "Marky" subbed out, this game was a very close game and had NAE.UK Screaming after every successful fight and pick, unfortunatly Team infused pulled back and beat us during this game, we did have several

Net issues but so did Team infused, very close game but our luck just wasn't with us, we did still have high spirits for the rest of the lan though. Due to the net issues we were also exhausted with the timing and 

patience of waiting for our games but we were against Elo Boosted, we started off pretty well but from what we heard they listened to our calls and countered them everytime which was annoying when we found 

out what happened but it's whatever and happens.

Flash forward to Saturday the Elimination Stage, we were against favoured winners "Choke Gaming" in a BO3 and lost immediately both times, unfortunately we had several internet issues at the lan and that caused

the games to be delayed by 3 hours and also a lot of pauses during the game, it didn't matter in the end as we knew we couldn't get close to defeating CHoke. We lost that game 2-0. Here we got knocked out 

to the Lower Bracket of the tournament and we were against Team infused once more, this time we had "Marky" subbed in and Team infused due to issues had "Z1nked" subbed in, we fought hard but not enough and were 

defeated 2-0 and knocked out of the tournament which concludes our EpicLan Tournament with us placing 6-8th. 

The winners of the tournament were Choke Gaming, followed up by Team infused and 3rd place MnM Gaming. 







Shakk Abbas

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