TopicFunny Happy Birthday Quotes Wishes to Make Your Day Special.

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    Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

    These days a sending birthday greeting has to turn out to be an essential culture. Birthdays are a joyful occasion in every person. They mark the dates were special people got here into this world. Happy Birthday Funny Wishes to people feel loved and remembered. Best friends and circle of relatives on their special day and put a cute smile on their faces. People’s taking to Funny Birthday Wishes to make the other person smile to make a special day more special. Who says Birthday Wishes Funny should be doughy and thoughtful? So make your best friends laugh on their birthday by sending a Funny Happy Birthday Wishes.

    Whatever you do, here are some tips to keep in mind while sending out a funny birthday wish:

    > Avoid cracking any jokes that will hurt the other person’s feelings.

    > Consider the person and his age while sending the joke.

    > Be sure that the other person will take things in his/her stride.

    Short Funny Birthday Wishes

    • We thought we would get the right amount of candles to put on your cake this year, but quickly ran out of space. Happy Birthday!
    • One of the best pieces of advice in life is “you have to appreciate the little things”. That said, I know that spotting little things is easier said than done at your age! Happy Birthday!
    • Seeing as I usually forget everyone’s birthdays, you should consider it a miracle that I’m sending you this message. Happy Birthday!
    • It’s about time one of us turned 18! Drinks are on you, then! Happy Birthday!
    • Don’t let your age get you down, it won’t be long until you are allowed to start learning to drive. But until then, on your bike! Happy Birthday!
    • To my brother who still owes me several big ones. I didn’t get you a gift this year, so let’s call it even. Happy Birthday!
    • Ain’t no Cake Big Enough! | Funny Birthday Wishes for Older and Younger Brothers
    • I can’t believe how big you’re getting! Long gone are the days when I could steal cake from your plate and no one would ever be the wiser. Happy Birthday!
    • Don’t you think it’s about time we grew up a bit and stopped painting the town? I know exactly what you’ll say. Next year. Happy Birthday!

    Funny Birthday Messages

    Here you will find the funniest and most hilarious birthday messages. Give your friends and loved ones a memorable experience on their birthdays and put a smile on their faces on the most important day of the year. Sending a greeting to a good friend shouldn’t be a matter of routine, and it shouldn’t be boring. Good friends know what makes you laugh, and what will not strike you as funny.

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